Bladder inflammation because of 4 risky lifestyles.

Bladder inflammation because of 4 risky lifestyles.

“Having bloody urine again, it’s very painful.” The scolding words with stress face of your neighbor aunt make many young girls fear that. But how does the aunt do to have the bladder inflammation?

Dr. Chanyawalee Srisukho, Obstetrician of Phichit Provincial Hospital said, “Bladder inflammation is the popular disease of women in the working age. That is because of the hectic lifestyle making them have to sit on the chairs for a long time. Moreover, it is also about the cleanliness that many people misunderstand which is the source of bladder disease.”

Why does the bladder inflammation occur?

What causes women in the working age to have inflammatory bladder and how do we know that the urine of each day is normal, not a bladder infection?

Dr. Chanyawalee responded, “The cause of bladder inflammation is from the fact that the urethra of women is as short as only 2 cm long. Therefore, the pathogens can enter the urethra and climb up to the bladder easily.”

“It is mostly the inflammation coming from the anaerobic infection such as E. coli or possibly coming from sexually transmitted disease causing vaginitis inflammation and the germs to reach the bladder easily. This make women need to urinate frequently, burning sensation, bloody urine, or have pus.”

Dr. Chanyawalee explained, “Frequently, the patients visit the doctor to check for bladder inflammation because it is frequent and is not totally cured. That may be caused by gonorrhea so that the gonorrhea should be treated before.

The bladder inflammation is not a serious disease but it will make the patients feel uncomfortable while urinating and get less relaxed because they have to wake up to urinate all night.”

But do not stay neglecting. The doctor emphasizes that the bladder inflammation is life threatening when pathogens in the bladder climb into the kidney. Especially the people with low immunity or pregnant women, it is more vulnerable to infection in the bloodstream and resulting in death.

4 risky lifestyles

At this point, do you start to fear it? Then, we will learn which lifestyles will make you have bladder inflammation. Dr. Chanyawalee summarized as follows.

  1. Do not take care of the body

People who do not take care of the body often have low immunity causing the germs to get into the body easily. When we have strong body, the pathogens enter the bladder. Drinking a lot will eradicate the germs through the urine. But if the body is not strong, it is easy for pathogens to travel to the kidney cone.

Moreover, people who use antibiotics such as steroids, AIDS patients, pregnant women or people with cancer will be at risk of bladder inflammation. So, always take care of the body.

  1. Drinking water insufficiently.

Dr. Chanyawalee recommends that the body should not be dehydrated because it will make the urine thick with the accumulation of bacteria facilitating the bladder infection. However, do not drink too much water. We should drink 30-50 cc of water per 50 kg body weight.

Drinking too much water will cause frequent urination. As a result, the vagina will be wet and suitable for the growth of pathogens to enter the urethra and bladder. Besides, we should not drink sweet beverage because germs and bacteria tend to like sweet taste.

  1. Urinary retention

Many people often have urinary retention because being committed to work. It negatively affects the bladder. We should urinate 4-5 times a day. At night, we should not drink much water for the bladder to rest.

The bladder of women can keep about 300 cc of urine at night. We should not urinate 1-2 times per night. More than that may cause health problems such as diabetes or bladder inflammation. So, consult a specialist.

  1. Use the public toilet wrongly

Because having to stay outside the houses for a long time, many people rely on public toilets. However, the dirty toilet bowls and bidet shower are what we cannot avoid using. Dr. Chanyawalee suggests as follows:

– As the urethral of women is short, squatting for urination will cause bacteria and germs to splash into the urethra. In addition, squatting for urination often causes incomplete urination resulting in the accumulation of pathogens.

– In sitting on the toilet bowls, we should use cloth or antiseptic before sitting. In case of not being able to do, we should not be exposed to the toilet bowls. Sitting with leg contraction will be safer and reduces the risk of germs around the toilet bowls.

– Women are often familiar to use the bidet showers. However, the public bidet shower is the source of germ accumulation. The water remaining at the nozzle or the E. coli in the toilet can make us have the bladder infection easily. Using the wet tissue is probably the best solution.

– Do not rush in using public toilets. We usually use it with haste because of not wanting to dissatisfy other people in queue. However, it will make you more likely to have germs in your bladder.

As the bladder of women can contain 300 cc of urine, we should urinate 20 cc per second taking 1 minute to finish urinating. We should not rush it over. When finishing urinating, lean forward slightly. Then press the belly to make the urine out of it.

Is your lifestyle in line with 4 of these lifestyles. If yes, hurriedly adjust your behavior in order to be healthy.

Source: Health Education Division, Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health

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