Which one is the bladder inflammation in women?

Which one is the bladder inflammation in women?

Dr. Phakawat Ramat

Department of Surgery

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

The bladder inflammation is caused by the infection of the urinary system mostly from the vagina and anus and often occurring with women.

People with bladder inflammation will often have pain in urination. The urine will have foul odor, unclear or blood clots. The symptoms will occur after a long urinary retention.

The bladder of normal people will be able to store 300 – 350 cc of urine. Then, the bladder muscle wall will squeeze through the urinary tube and exhale the urine in less than 30 seconds. Each day, we can urinate 3-5 times a day without pain or burning in the urethra.

For those who have to urinate more than 5 times a day which is not caused by the inflammation of the urinary tract infection, it may be caused by other causes such as small bladder not being able to store the urine longer resulting in often urination. Some people may urinate every 1 or 2 hours and have to get up to urinate more than 2 times each night.

In some cases of patients, the bladder is small and cannot be enlarged because of the cervical cancer radiation or due to the expansion of the bladder wall muscular layer resulting in not being able to store urine much urine or having large tumors in the uterus and in the pregnant women that the uterus pressing the bladder and also due to the diuretic in patients who have been treated for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, these causes urine more often than usual.

In addition, some people who frequently urinate may be caused by a disorder of the nervous system that controls the function of the bladder. This condition needs to be checked with a bladder muscle monitor in order to know the cause and get the right treatment.

In conclusion, the abnormal urination can be caused by several reasons. Basically, we should not keep the urination retention for more than 6 hours. And if the bladder is infected, drink plenty of water to remove germs from the body as soon as possible. It also helps reducing the burning when urinating as well.

Source: Health Education Division, Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health


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